Looking Forward

As you create new business models and approaches to the way you do business, Modern Woodcrafts will be there with you to provide leading-edge architectural woodwork for your next installation. Our inspired management team is continuously developing strategies for deriving more productivity, value and quality from our processes. We look outward as well, monitoring the latest techniques, market trends and opportunities that your company can leverage. That outward-focused view enables Modern Woodcrafts to be partners with you—and as partners, we have a vested interest in your success.

Modern Woodcrafts’ outward focus is both global and local: we have adopted carbon management strategies in our manufacturing, warehousing and general operations. An exciting part of our community focus is an internship program for local high school students. We are training the next generation of exemplary craftsmen within a green environment that they will carry forward in their careers.

In our continuous quest for creating greater efficiencies and more value to our customers, we were able to benefit from an audit from The Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund. Through special incentives, Modern Woodcrafts has significantly lowered it’s utility costs.